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Customer Protection Policy  

Our promise 

VALIC will reimburse you for losses from unauthorized activity in your retirement account(s) held by VALIC or VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. (VFA) occurring through no fault of your own.  

Our commitment 

We’re committed to helping you achieve financial security in retirement—and account security is an essential part of making that possible.  

As an AIG company, VALIC benefits from the organization’s global information technology and data security infrastructure. We protect your account(s) 24/7 with a team of highly skilled security experts, including former CIA, FBI and Secret Service professionals who are experienced in preventing, detecting and responding to various threats. 

To maximize the team’s effectiveness, we use advanced technology solutions and risk management protocols—everything you would expect from one of the world’s largest financial services companies. In the event that a security issue arises, we will act swiftly to address it. Because helping you become more confident about the future starts with protecting your savings today.

What you can do       

To notify us of a concern  

If you have any reason to suspect your account(s) may have been compromised, please call us immediately at 1‐800‐448‐2542. 

To protect your account

Protecting your account(s) is a shared responsibility, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Security standards such as strong passwords are required as part of account setup, so those requirements don’t have to be top of mind. 
In addition to built‐in security, here are some best practices to protect your account(s): 

  • Use a unique, strong password—not the same password you use for any other account. Update passwords regularly.  
  • Protect account numbers, user IDs and passwords—and avoid sharing them, even with close friends or family members.
  • Keep your security questions and answers private.
  • Add a Call Center unique password to your account. You will be required to provide this password each time you speak with a Client Service Professional at the VALIC Client Care Center (“CCC”). Contact the CCC at 1‐800‐448‐2542 to obtain an Account Access Authorization Form to add a password to the account.
  • Establish your VALIC Online account.
  • Establish a personal identification number (PIN) for use when calling the VALIC telephone‐based inquiry system to use the interactive options through the Interactive Voice Response (“IVR”). To establish a PIN online, visit http://VALIC.com and access the VALIC account. You may also call 1‐800‐448‐2542 to establish a PIN.
  • Provide a valid email address and phone number to allow timely notifications.
  • Receive your account statements electronically, rather than by postal mail.
  • Review your account statements and transaction notices right away to confirm they are correct.
  • Check your account(s) periodically—we recommend every three months (think of it as every season of the year).
  • Update the software and operating systems for any devices you use to access your account(s)—including mobile phones, laptops and personal computers. Do this as regularly as possible, depending on upgrades available.  

What's not covered  

VALIC will reimburse you for losses from unauthorized activity in your retirement account(s) occurring through no fault of your own, subject to these conditions. If there’s any suspicion of unauthorized activity in your account(s), our team will work with you to investigate what occurred, so your cooperation is required. Our policy does not apply in cases where we find that a security issue or claim arose due to negligence or fraud by you.

Other circumstances that may not be covered by our Customer Protection Policy are:  

  • If you fail to reasonably protect your account number(s), user name, password, or security questions, including allowing access to that data or providing it to someone else, whether the person is unauthorized or authorized by you to perform transactions on your behalf
  • Any activity by someone authorized by you to access your data—including your employer/plan administrator, financial intermediary, or third‐party
  • Any security issue from malware or a breach of security that affects the systems of any authorized parties (listed above)
  • If you fail to notify us of the unauthorized activity within a reasonable time, no later than two days after you discover the activity

Additional resources 

For information about how we protect the security of your VALIC account(s), visit our Security Center

VC 29353 

Security Concerns?
To notify us of a potential security issue, please call us immediately:
For additional resources: Visit our Security Center